Cambrian Models was founded by Barry and Jean Parks and began trading in 1973.
They began by making 3-link and Screw-type couplings in 4mm scale. This began after a chance meeting with Ted Morris at Kings Cross Model Shop, when trying to purchase parts for a kit-building service. Later couplings were also made in 7mm scale. 4mm scale loco brake standards were also produced in brass.The first plastic kit was for a sleeper-built platelayer’s hut. The prototype was near Derry Ormond Station on the Aberaeron branch in mid-Wales. It is seen in the distance in a picture in the Middleton Press "Aberystwyth to Carmarthen" book. If you find one of these kits, it will have "dotted" numbers on the inside that were used in the instructions. The earliest ones were moulded in white plastic and have the door and window as part of the walls, rather than as a separate moulding.
The first wagon kits were RCH 5, 7 and 8 plank types. The underframe for these included the longitudinals & cross members. There were also 3 and 4 plank wagons later and a "beer" van. The 3 plank was available lettered for "Lancashire Steel Corporation". These earliest kits, which are sometimes offered for sale, have black printing on "gold" paper labels and have an image of "Puffing Billy" (Mrs. Cambrian is said to be a descendent of William Hedley). Slightly later labels are similar, but have purple printing.
Later, for quite a few years, labels had a "wagon" style design, with a rounded rectangle and two "wheels" below, in "Process Blue". Lettered kits said "Lettered Wagon Kit" and others had a white label for the type with "Wagon Kit" below.
The early body moulds had detail produced partly by DIY 2-stage etching using a Kodak process that was less than perfect! The C31 Container kit still has parts of the mould that were etched.
Another early kit was for an SECR 8 plank wagon produced from a Skinley drawing that was less than accurate! (Kit C66 is not a reissue of that kit). An unmade kit was offered on ebay in May 2006. About 1980, there were two Midland Railway kits, for the open D663A and Gunpowder van. The underframe mould for these was troublesome, and they were only produced for a few years
The earliest kits that are still available, but with newer tooling, are the GWR 10ton Ballast and Loco Coal wagons, plus the LMS & LNER 16ton minerals. For many years, the range included pre-lettered Private Owner wagons. These were lettered using dry transfers printed by Barry and Jean. You can download the List of Liveries (pdf).
Here are two versions of a wagon from the Somerset coalfield:
In the past, Barry and Jean made various kits and parts for the Belgian firm Jocadis – HO SNCB "L" coaches, platform edging and lineside fencing, plus HOm SNCV trams, coaches and wagons. However, in June 2013, this business ceased trading. However, the moulds for the SNCV kits and the SNCB "lineside" items have been bought by Saroulmapoul.be , so they should be available again soon.

L 3e passenger car
SNCV "S" tram
Australian prototypes: for Bergs NSW (NSWR HO wagons, "N" and "HUB" coaches):
N 2nd Class car

HUB Brake car
and for Century/Waratah (NSWGR 7mm wagons): NSWGR Cattle Wagon

We also make a number of kits in N (British Scale) for the N Gauge Society and previously for Parkwood Models (e.g. Warwell) - which have now been transferred to the N Gauge Society,
Numerous wagons are made for the the 3mm Society, such as this GWR Mica Van

and also for

1923 RCH 5 Plank Open Wagon

1923 RCH 7 Plank Side Door Wagon

1923 RCH 8 Plank Side & End Door Wagon

1923 8 Plank Side Door Wagon

GE Large Cattle Wagon

1887 RCH Gloucester 7 Plank Side & End Door Wagon

GWR 15' 6" Outside-framed Van

GWR Iron Mink/Gunpowder Van

GWR O2/O10 7 Plank Open Wagon

GWR O12/O13 5 Plank Side & End Door
China Clay Wagon

WD Brake Van (used by GER & LSWR etc.)

The GER Cattle Wagon was also made for the 2mm Association, plus numerous other wagons.


  • We do NOT make or sell ready-to-run locomotives or coaches. We do not make or sell track, or model railway products in 4mm scale made by any other manufacturer, other than Alan Gibson Wheels, Romford gears & vacuum pipes. (Though our stockists do so - see "Stockists" page)
  • Also we do not make kits of prototypes that fly. We are not and never been connected in any way with the "Cambrian Model Company" (aka "Cambrian Direct").

or perhaps you looked for


We no longer make the following:

  • CT1/2/3/4/5/6 Transfers
  • (CT2 is Modelmasters Sheet 4866 and CT4 is Sheet 4867)

We are unable to supply parts for any discontinued kits,

3-link couplings in both 4mm scale & 7mm scale ones are also no longer in production. We do have quite a lot of the moulded plastic hooks left though.

All trademarks acknowledged.

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