4mm Kit Construction

Constructing and Completing Our 4mm (1:76) Kits

Putting them together
Suitable adhesives (solvents) are Humbrol Liquid Poly or Revell Contacta – there are two types of both of these: a bottle with a brush, or with a thin tube; avoid the Revell brush type as the bottle is easily knocked over and the liquid seems to thicken once opened. Also it is easier to control how much is applied using the tube type. You might need a short length of thin wire to clear the tube from time to time. There is also a Humbrol version with a tube. Lost the kit instructions, or want to see them before you buy a kit? Many instructions are available, select Instruction Sheets in the top Menu. There is also a link on the listing page of each kit in the Store. Weight can be added to a wagon by glueing metal blocks under the floor. Alternatively, especially on some of our complicated kits, weight can be added using "Liquid Gravity", available from Gaugemaster.com, their ref.: DLBD-38. (The link should take you straight to the product.)
Kits are designed for 26mm axles (& brass bearings) with "OO gauge" wheel spacing, plus EM or S4 wheel sets (on 26mm axles). We recommend Alan Gibson wheels. Avoid "RTR" types such as Hornby or Bachmann as these may be larger than the kit is designed for – this could make fitting couplings difficult, particularly on shorter wagons; also the axle length may also be shorter than the recommended make's standard axles (26mm).
We usually have stocks of various types of Alan Gibson wheels and bearings for 16.5mm/OO gauge, EM Gauge and S4. See wheel details & prices in the 4mm accessories section of our store. The wheel type for each kit is shown in the detail for each kit.
Most kits have mounting blocks for Hornby metal couplings. Bachmann Mini couplings can be fitted if the mounting holes are enlarged a little. NEM type couplings can be fitted using pockets available from Parkside (see: PA34 on the Parkside/PECO web site). Bogies can be fitted with either Hornby or Bachmann couplings. C82/C106 Sturgeon kits have NEM pockets. With the exception of kit C100, "dummy" prototype coupling hooks are not included in our kits. Etched brass hooks can be obtained from Brassmasters in packs of 12/24 (depending on whether they are folded in half to increase thickness). NOTE: kits from C100 (except bogie wagons), with their own underframe moulding, will not include mounting blocks for couplings.
Paint & Transfers
Transfers are available in the Modelmasters, Cambridge Custom Transfers, Scalemodeltransfers and HMRS ranges. Transfers for PO wagons are available from POWsides. Suitable paint colours are in the Precision Paint range — kit instructions give reference numbers. The Railmatch range also includes similar colours but these are not referenced in our instructions.

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